Peter 'Cutthroat' Parsons

o.k. not to be enhancing my 'ego-surfing' score on Google, but here's a bit about one of the founders of Streamside Publications, and the guide/map.

"I was born at a very early age, in a house I helped my father build"... but skipping on, my family and I arrived in Steamboat Springs in 2002. We brought our kids up here on a summer vacation in 2001. After a week of hiking the Zirkel Wildness, fishing and riding horses (while staying at Vista Verde Guest Ranch - an AWESOME ranch vacation spot), Jeanne and I came to a quick realization that THIS is where we wanted to raise our kids.

I do high-tech work for my day job, and have always said that with the internet I could work from anywhere. After a year of 'figuring it out' we moved to Steamboat with Molly (current owner of Streamside Publications) and Max (possible future owner of Streamside Publications). We've never looked back.

I have been increasingly attracted to the special qualities of living in Steamboat, and the incredible river and mountain areas. I was a fair beginner fly-fisher when we arrived. Many wonderful people have helped me learn enough about flyfishing to now have an idea of how much more there is to learn about flyfishing.

Mostly I am mesmorized by moving water and the incredibly beautiful places that trout choose to live. I continue to explore every direction I can go from my home base in Steamboat Springs.

I have owned my own business for 16+ years, and thrive on the entreprenuerel challenges of small business (and in particular how to run a small business from paradise when none of my customers are within 100 miles of my office).

Here's to rising trout!

-Peter aka 'Cutthroat'

"That's a fish"

-Peter Parsons- in slightly surprised bemusement every time I hook up!