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Public Access to the

Yampa River

through STeamboat SPrings

Streamside Publications' newest and best-ist product is our map to the public waters access of the Yampa River through Steamboat Springs. It started out as a simple request from the local shops for a map to go with our guide 'Fishing From the 'Boat, and turned into a major project.

The guide to 'Public Access to the Yampa River Through Steamboat Springs' was created over the 'big winter of Ought-7 to Ought-8, when Steamboat recorded over 500 inches of snow and the Yampa river was nowhere to be seen for months. Peter was the amatuer graphic artist for the project. Scott was the main writer of useful content. We got the idea of it being very visual instead of the usual 'cover all the extra space with text' approach to fishing maps. It's a generation-next, Google-earth looking map. The photo-realisitic map of the river is a collage of over 40 individual aireal photographs stitched together. The city of Steamboat Springs GIS department supplied the photo database - Thanks Steamboat!

We had the idea for asking each fishing shop in town to create a single flybox representing .as specific fishing need. They responded great (well after the cattle-prod was brought out). It's always fun to peak in someone else's flybox to see what they are fishing. Scott added his own custom mountain lake box as a teaser since some of those flys cannot be bought anywhere. Peter can only tie 2 flies, and they are both highly secret preventing them from being shown on the map.

Molly, the business owner (see page on Training Entrepreneurs) worked on the cover layout, back page, a few other tidbits - and also solved the science of how to fold a map properly.

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Hey, Things Change!

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