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Fishing From the 'Boat

The Original product of Streamside Publications is "Fishing From the Boat". It's the first ever and still only guide to flyfishing around Steamboat Springs, and all of NW Colorado.



You made it to the Yampa Valley . The streams are whispering to you, the lakes are calm, the water is dimpled with sipping trout, the hatches are underway and there are only a few questions you need to have answered: "Where should I fish? - How do I get there? - What should I use?" This guide is for you! Fishing From the `Boat will answer these questions for you, and more. The purpose of the guide is threefold:

1) To raise funds for the Yampa Valley Fly Fishers, and by extension the Yampa Valley Stream Improvement Charitable Trust. Many of the wonderful stream restoration projects along the Yampa River and many other places have been supported and funded by dedicated members of Yampa Valley Fly Fishers ( on the web), and the YVSICT. Just fish within the town limits for an hour, and you'll want to find some of these folks to say `thanks'! A portion of the profit from this guide is donated to the YVSICT.

2) Entrepreneurship, like fly-fishing, cannot be learned by simply reading a book. One of the goals of this guide is to give an area youth the opportunity to learn about business by owning the business. Each year a high school student is the majority owner of Streamside Publications, LLC., which publishes this guide. During the student's term of ownership they are tasked with running all aspects of the business including marketing, inventory control, financial management and customer service and support. This is done with guidance from advisors. Our hope is that this effort will continue to foster the culture of entrepreneurship in our young people that has characterized this area for over one hundred years.

3) This community is characterized by its friendliness and willingness to share. This is one of the key purposes of this guide. Anyone visiting a new area has experienced the frustration associated with not knowing exactly where to fish and how to get there. For many this is their first time in the `Boat and their time is likely limited. It would take a volume several times the size of this guide to completely describe all the fly-fishing opportunities that exist here. However, this guide is our way of sharing with those that love fly-fishing as much as we do some of what the Yampa Valley has to offer. So welcome and enjoy the waters and the incredible beauty of this area we call home.


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