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Hey, what's fly fishing without gear? Whenever we get a hankering to jaw about something cool, or something that stinks, we'll do it here. We don't get paid by anyone, so all you'll get is our actual thoughts (which are worth exactly what we get paid for them).

8/1/08 - New toys. I just got a new flyrod. My first 'higher end' rod since moving to Steamboat Springs. It's a Sage Z axis that I'd test-drove a few times. I took it out last evening along the Kayak Course in downtown for a first drive. I'm also 'testing' a Skarkskin flyline for a friend. So far I like 'em both. The Z axis is fast. I'm not a flyrod guru, so it's hard to describe right, but it hucks line, and is accurate, and light, and way cool. The Sharkskin line is weird - makes alot of noise zzzzzzzzzzzz going through the guides. But it flies down the rod as if the guides aren't there. And there isn't any surface tension pop when you pick it up. IT seems a bit 'soft' if that's the word, but I'll give it a few more chances when I can really cast it, and report back. WHere I tried it last night there are cables overhead for Kayak race poles so you can only sidearm cast, and aren't really looking for distance anyway.


7/15/08 Tiny Bubbles. Scott hooked me up the other day with a small plastic bubble as a strike indicator. He was raving about it, as it won't get soaked, can float a double depleted uranimum nymph rig, and is very durable. 'Yeah' I said, 'but it's a bobber...'. I grudgingly put one on, and admit it floats like the dickens when 'dredging' with heavy nympths. Then I fished with a guide, and he was putting them on for clients, and bugging me about my twist on styrofoam indicator. These 'bobbers' seem to be catching on around Steamboat. We got 'em at Steamboat FlyFisher. I don't know if they are at the other shops or not. -Cutthroat

6/16/08 -O.K. I'll start it off. I am a big fan of a wire lacing system called 'Boa'. It was invented here in Steamboat by a guy that was sick of trying to lace his son's hockey skates (at least that's how I heard the story while riding up the gondola a few winters back). I have Boa lacing systems for my snowboard boots (yes I am a knuckle dragger in the winter), as does my son. I saw that Korkers now makes a wading boot with a Boa lacing system, so I just got a pair about a month ago.

My review of them so far is mostly great. You can 'tie' both shoes at once if you are a bit ambidextrious - that'll get you in the river at least 30 seconds sooner. I like how they snug up just right, without wet laces binding on the boot. Best of all to take them off, there is no un-lacing. You pop out the dial and yank the tongue - and you are out of the boots. I've used the boots about 20 times so far and they are comfortable and holding up well structurally. They also have an interchanging sole system, but I haven't had a reason to swap out to other then the felt soles yet.

My only nit is that one of the dials popped out of it's holder once. I have it back in, but I don't know if it is a sign of that part being a bit to fragile when being banged around rocks in the river. I'll keep you posted! - 'Cutthroat'

"My biggest worry is that my wife (when I'm dead) will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it."

~by Koos Brandt~