We are neither paid, nor prevented from talking about our gear, and what we like. Scott and Peter keep flyrods strung and ready to run to the River at a moment's notice.

Peter is a 'Sage' guy - not a sage person, but a Sage guy. My first flyrod was a 9' 5wt DS2 from Sage. I have broken it 3 times, and gotten it replaced by Sage with a smile. Once it blew off my roof rack and was run over by the car behind (I forgot my velco straps and drove away..) I put it in a 'body bag' and sent it so Sage with a note that said "I'm sorry. I killed it". 2 weeks later I had a new rod.

And I like how they fish! I also have a 3 wt 4 piece SLT. It's my backpacking and small stream rod. I am not an expert on rods by any means, but I like the fast action of my SLT 'stream rod', as well as the overall feel of the 5 wt. Soon I hope to have a shiny new Z Axis - that I will be much more careful with then my poor abused DS2.

Scott won't tell what flyrods he uses....

"The man who coined the phrase "Money can't buy happiness", never bought himself a good fly rod!"

~by Reg Baird, from his video Labrador Trout~