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What's happening in the river? We ain't the pros, but we'll let you know what we see. Is the Yampa river ideal, off color, blown out or , snowed in? To the right a few links to help you find out.

Quick hits on the fishing:

5/18/2010 Wow a year has rolled around. I stopped writing updates here and have been 'tweeting' fishing status. But now I see the twitter embedded feed on the right side of this page seems to be broken. I'll work on it. Otherwise look for 'fishingtheboat' on Twitter. There are now some twitter and facebook feeds from Steamboat FlyFisher as well I think. A quick summary of the past year? Great fishing locally. I learned to fish streamers with some confidence and success. The winter fishing very nice as it was a somewhat mild winter. March fishing was great throughout town - and the Stagecoach Tailwaters have been onfire in April and early May. The crowds are there now, so it is time to head to lakes that are icing off. Runoff is very late in coming, but with all the late snow we may get a big runoff. It just depends on if it gets hot fast. Heck we are scheduled for a bit more snow tonight, and it's May 18th! Boy do I love to live and fish in NW Colorado. See you on the River. Look for my landrover with the RVRROVR plates and say hi! -peter

5/13/09 As much as I use fishing to hide from my real life/day job, I admit I am a computer geek by trade. I have recently started to play with 'twitter' because 1) as a dad I want to find out what this is, and how it works, and 2) I want to see if it has any redeeming value. I couldn't think of *any* purpose for twitter, and then it dawned on me 'hey VERY current short fishing reports would actually be worthwhile. Soooo, I am try an experiment, and am 'tweeting' the quick hits on fishing for now. Longer reports will still show up here. But if you are not technophobic, look me up as 'cutthr0at' on twitter (note the zero in place of the o). I am tweeting fishing comments a couple times a week - if I am lucky enough to get out that much! -Cutthroat

4/2/09 it's April! That means the road to the tailwaters at Stagecoach is open. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. It's fishing awesome. I fished late afternoon today, and shared the canyone with one other person. I cast my first dry fly of the year in the 'dry fly pool' right where you walk in. Fish were sipping at the surface there amid a nice midge hatch of some sort. It took a while but I caught a fish on a dry - Yes! After that it was nymphing 'small, dark, and deep'. Sz 18-20 zebra midge dropper with a peacock herl thorax did the best. Landed 6 fish in 2 hours. Thats a very good 'day' at the tailwaters!

3/29/09 - Steamboat Biathalon! Snowboarded till 3pm, and then fished from 4-6pm. Fishing was awesome. 3 nice Rainbows on egg patterns. 2 browns on size 8 black rubber legged stonelfy nymph. The egg was a dropper of the big nymph.

2/1/09 Returned to the 'Chuck. After yesterday's sweet fish, and with a another bluebird Steamboat day, I just had to make another it. Again I fished streamers (tan Madonna cone head size 8 or so). Back where I caught the sweet rainbow yesterday I could not entice any hits. After a while I decided to try the ol' standby - and nymphed a Depleted trailing an egg pattern. On the second drift a slight tug on the indicator was all I saw. A quick set, and a 14" brown was on the line. That takes care of Miss. Feb. 2009 ! The point here is that you can fish in the winter on the Yampa. Town is somewhat open - be careful of the ice shelfs. I hear that Rotray park is iced up. The tailwaters at Stagecoach Res. are Always calling!

1/31/09 Winter fishing is alive and well. I fished the 'Chuck this afternoon. 21 degree air temperture. After a very cold night (Minus 12 at 8am today), there were ice floes clogging the river until well after noon. However, starting after 1pm, the bluebird sun day took the chill off the river. I snowshoed into the river and fished streamers down for a few hours. As often is the case, there weren't many fish to be found, but - oh the one I caught was a full blown, full bellied 5 lb 20 inch rainbow. Great way to finish off Jan. 09!

12/23/08 - Check the blog for the story, but suffice to say today was a great one. I pulled off a Steamboat biathalon. I snowboarded on 16 inches of Champaign powder in the morning - and landed a 16 inch brown trout in the afternoon. Now that's a fish story!

10/1/08 Fished the Kayak course this evening. Boy is it starting to get dark early. Trout were sipping just under the surface, and hitting on top occasionaly. I had success with a size 14 or so Pablos cripple behind a parachute adams. Actoin was on the Pablo's. The aspens, river birch, and all other shrubs etc are in fully glory of Autumn colors! But I hear of snow in the forecast up hi. Better get it while you can...

9/15/08 Fall fishing is suddenly upon us. The water is crystal clear, the days are beautiful, and the mornings quite crisp. Don't forget a bit of Blaze Orange if you are out in the wilderness! I fished the Bear River between the town of Yampa and YamColo Res. today. It was an awesome day for pocketwater stalking. I caught browns, brookies, and one nice rainbow - all on size 10-12 foam body stimulators. I used shake-n-float to really get them to sit up in the water. There was 1 fish in each pocket it seemed. If you didn't get them in the first 2 casts, then you spooked them, and should head to the next pool - at least that's how it worked for me. -Cutthroat

9/13/08 Went to Ouray for a wedding (congrats Jerminy and Natalie!). I'd forgotten what a spectacular place it is (and I live in Steamboat !). I fished the Uncompahgre River about 3 miles below the Ridgeway state park tailwaters (in a SWA area off of hiway 550). two nice locals (San Juan Hotshots on a day off) told me it was pretty off-color due to heavy rains 2 days previous on Cow Creek. Even when it's not 'off' it is a strange colored river due to minerals coming in way up stream. It's rumored to fish very well, but I only managed a single Brown via nymphing. Here's more on fishing that area

8/23/08 Fished the Blue River upstream of Green Mtn Resivoir today along he public stretch off hiway 9. It gets 'pressure' to use the Cutthroat Anglers term, but only one person was in site where I stopped. I almost caught a slam in 45 minutes. One Brown, two Rainbows, and a Cutthroat. I couldn's stay to hunt a brookie (sigh), but I'd say that fishes pretty well. All caught on the magic nymph. I fished around mid-day, and didn't see any rises.

8/17/08. Sarvis Creek Try #2. So today I waited until mid-day for the trout to wake up in the Yampa near Sarvis Creek. I then walked the whold public stretch over 2 hours - and got skunked again (0 for 2 there). I just didn't seem right. I saw one fish splash, and otherwise all was quiet - too quiet. It depressed me, so I jumped up the road to the Stagecoach tailwaters. This was against my better judgement, because I don't like the crowds on weekends there. Sure enough the parking lot was jammed at 4pm. However, I found a quiet corner, and caught a nice rainbow and had a L.D.R. on a big, angry Brown. That soothed my rankled soul after the Sarvis creek shut-out. All nymphing of course.

8/16/08 - Hey John Geirach is speaking and signing books tonight at Eiplogue Bookstore in downtown. See you there! Also Yampa Valley Fly Fishers is getting active again, and looking for new members etc. We'll even have meetings this winter. Send an email to and get on the email list!

8/14/08 - spent a bit of time fishing along the Kayak course upstream of the Rabbit ears Motel. That's a nice stretch of water - if you can side arm cast under the wires.The tube hatch is dying down for the year, so check it out any time of day. We are having our first -hint- of fall, which I meet with mixed feelings. Summer is so short, but autumn is so incredible to be outside here...

8/10/08 - There are a few public access spots downstream of the tube hatch take-out in Steamboat Springs. One is the 'Hard Rock Open Space' below the 9 hole golf course. It's just off of US 40, but hard to notice, which is good. Nice water, should be holding a few big fish. I got skunked here this morning when I stopped for about an hour on my way to work (life is tough). No dry fly action seen, no hoppers as it was early in the day. So I nymphed some deep runs, and seams of back eddies. Nothing doing though. I know their are fish *everywhere*, so I must have been the faulty end of the rig.

8/8/08 Scott and I and my son Max were planning to head out the Flattop this morning for 2 days of backpacking and flyishing a secret creek. But the weather report was the worst I've see all year. So we called off the trip (which later turned out to be the BEST decision made in years. Instead we spent the day fishing in the rain along a creek in Big Red Park near Columbine. Even in the rain we landed 30+ brook trout among us in 3 hours - a very slow day there. All caught on size 10-12 foam body stimulators. Max had the bingo and bango (first fish, most fish), and Scott took the Bongo (big fish) with an 10 inch 'bull' brooktrout.

8/5/08 Took an outlander friend (from Denver), his bro-in-law, and 3 13 year olds fishing at the Stagecoach tailwaters this morning. Fished from 9amto 11 am. None of the boys had any fly fishing experience, yet they hooked I think 7 fish between them and landed 4-5. All fish hooked via nymphing with a *secret* fly (think stonefly in drag). That's dang good by any standards there. Guy in th parking lot said they were killing 'em yesterday on 'Patriots'. I said 'thanks for the tip' though I have never heard of a patriot before. Here's what I goggled up for it:

We casted dries to some rising trout up near the dam, but didn't get em. 'Tailwater Tuesdays' you gotta love it. -Cutthroat

8/4/08 - I sometimes have an hour to kill around Chuck Lewis. Just now I spent about an hour at the 'top' of Chuck Lewis trying to wake up a fish during the siesta hours. The water was really off color which surprised me. I dont' know if it was due to some heavy rain yesterday, or if perhaps there is some working on in the river just upstream. In any event I wasn't able to roust any trout with streamers for that hour.

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"There will be days when the fishing is better than one's most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse.  Either is a gain over just staying home."

~by Roderick Haig-Brown, Fisherman's Spring, 1951~

Yampa River Streamflow (realtime) at 5th St.

Weather conditions in Steamboat Springs